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Would you like to style your child with earrings?
No problem, but please let us give you a few advices:

  • The best age for pierce ears is three months. If a baby is full-termed and healthy, you might pierce the ears in six-week-baby after consultation with a doctor.
  • The first earrings must be all made of quality white or yellow gold. JOnly gilded or silver earrings could cause an allergic reaction or inflammation.
  • The earrings must have safety child's switching to avoid an opening and unwanted swallow (for this switching buy our classical floorball earrings and write to message "with child's switching")
  • We reccommend to nurse the pierced ears with 100% alcohol.
  • If you will follow this instructions, the ears should be healed within four to five days. If a hole starts to be red or starts suppurate, call your doctor for an advice. 

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