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We can make jewelry for you according to your ideas - from design, through 3D model on the computer, making a physical model to the finished piece of jewelry.

Given that the cost of preparatory work and making molds for jewelry is higher than the actual production of a single jewel, this procedure is worth doing in case of ordering a couple tens to pieces. This form is therefore suitable for example for sports club or leisure clubs, which place orders for production of pendants with their logos.

How we custom-made jewelry

1. You hand-draw your idea of jewelry on paper, in case of the production of a character or logo, just send an e-mail image. When it comes to making a copy of an object (for example, we made a pendant in the shape of floorball stick blade), we recommend to lend us directly the particular object.


2. The hand-drawing or the object is scanned into the computer where a graphic designer that modifies it according to your requirements. It can be fitted with stones, if you wish.

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3. After that, the real physical model will be made, from it will be made a form and then you can just choose whether you want jewelry made of silver, gold and what gemstones you want to have fitted.

4. Finally, you can enjoy beautiful jewelry.

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